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Welcome to my website! To be filled with lots of things to fascinate androids and humans alike. Well, the kind of humans that get a double-polaroid on for technology. Are you so geeky that Trekkies throw you out of conventions? Are you the proud owner of a thermos flask? Do salad ingredients or washing machines have a better love life than you? If so then you are in the right place! And a bit of a sad character if I might say so. But never mind, reproduction is messy, time-consuming and expensive. Why not skip past the divorce stage and give all your worldly goods to someone who hates your guts?

Wealth warning

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Practical Programs for the BBC Computer and Acorn Atom

The first half of the book has several small programs, the second half describes a simple compiler. The HTML are more readable, and the scans will be a useful reference for resolving any errors in the HTML version.

Interak MZ3B Z80 CPU board and Interak VDU-K board

An obsolete Z80 CPU board capable of running CP/M yet implemented only in TTL and LSI parts. It was sold as a kit and advertised in hobbyist magazines. The board size was bigger than a Eurocard, which allowed slightly more components but unfortunately made the mounting racks harder to source. The system bus never really became popular either.
Interesting to hobbyists looking to build something similar. The technical documentation is very detailed.
Reproduced here with kind permission of the original author.

Inmos Technical Notes

Tandy Color Computer Technical Manual

Acorn System 2 Technical Manual

Atari ST 68000 Programmer's Reference Guide

Atari 8-bit system circuit diagrams

Atari Technical Reference Notes

Broadcast Teletext Specification

Binatone Mk 10 TV game

ZX Spectrum 128 plus 3 Service Manual


Circuit Diagrams

    Documentation Original Circuit Redrawn pdf
Acorn System 2 6502 CPU 200,000  
Cassette Interface 200,001  
Teletext VDU Interface 200,002 iss 1 (137k) 200_002.pdf (39K)
Memory Expansion 200,003 iss 1 (126k) 200_003.pdf (25K)
Floppy Disc Controller 200,004 iss 1 (63k)  
Versatile Interface Board 200,009 iss 2 (156K)  
6809 CPU 200,012 iss 2 (165k) 200_012.pdf (28K)
Econet board 200,024 iss 1 (155k)  
Atom ATOM Microcomputer 202,000 iss 3 (p1+p2 170K) 202_000.pdf (117K)
Atom Colour Encoder 202,001 iss 1 (137k)  
Atom 50Hz Correction Board 102,003/c  
ATOM to BBC BASIC 102,007 iss 1 (p1+p2 183K) 102_007.pdf (26K)
Econet board 202,002 iss 1 (126K)  
BBC BBC Micro 203,000 iss ? (p1+p2=453K) 203_000.pdf (217K)
BBC 6502 2nd. Processor 208,000 iss 4 (p1+p2=238K)  
BBC Master Econet module 259,200 iss ? (p1+p2=107K)  
    AVR programming dongle   K1003.pdf (17K)
    LNW80 (TRS80 superset) LNW manual section 6 (2M) K1021_LNW80.pdf (169K)

Many circuits on the web are scans of originals. They are often very large files, or else hard to read. This especially so when the originals were hand-drawn. Circuits were often crammed into single sheets to save paper, and hard to understand.

To improve this situation, some of these circuits have been redrawn using a schematic capture package. Cramped diagrams have been sectioned, comments and signal names have been added to help understanding. They provide a more legible view of the pin numberings, and adds them where not on the original.

The down side is that it take a long time to redraw and check them. Some are just started (e.g. for System 2), and are just meant as an aid to reading to originals for now. Some are finished and awaiting minor corrections (e.g. for Atom and BBC), and should be helpful

As time permits, they will be improved. I make no warranty for anything on this website, it's entirely up to your common sense and judgement.

If anyone has text for anything missing here, or scans I can OCR, please let me know.


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