Inmos Technical Notes

INMOS - an overview

Transputers - their background

T414 data sheet

INMOS development and iq data book (contents pages)

72-TCH-000-00 - App. Note 1: A Transputer Based Radio-Navigation System

72-TCH-001-01 - Extraordinary Use of Transputer Links

72-TCH-002-00 - The Transputer Based Navigation System: An Example of Testing Embedded Systems

72-TCH-003-01 - Getting Started With The TDS

72-TCH-004-00 - TDS Eprom Programming

72-TCH-005-01 - Program Design For Concurrent Systems

72-TCH-006-02 - IMS T800 Architecture

72-TCH-007-01 - Exploiting Concurrency: A Ray Tracing Example

72-TCH-008-00 - IMS B010 NEC Add-In Board

72-TCH-009-01 - Designing With The IMS T414 and IMS T800 Memory Interface

72-TCH-010-00 - IMS B003 Design of a Multi-Transputer Board

72-TCH-011-00 - App. Note 3: IMS B004 IBM PC Add-In Board

72-TCH-012-01 - App. Note 4: IMS B007 A Transputer Based Graphics Board

72-TCH-013-00 - App. Note 5: Transputer Networks Using The IMS B003

72-TCH-014-00 - IMS B006: A Single Board Computer Using 9 X IMS T212 Transputers

72-TCH-015-00 - IMS B005 Design of a Disk Controller Board with Drives

72-TCH-016-02 - Occam Program Development Using the IMS D700D Transputer Development System

72-TCH-017-00 - Performance Maximisation

72-TCH-018-00 - Connecting INMOS Links

72-TCH-019-01 - Designs and Applications for the IMS C004

72-TCH-020-00 - Communication Processes and Occam

72-TCH-021-01 - The Transputer Implementation of occam

72-TCH-022-00 - Communicating Process Computers

72-TCH-023-00 - Compiling occam into Silicon

72-TCH-024-01 - Exploring Multiple Transputer Arrays

72-TCH-026-00 - Notes on Graphics Support and Performance Improvements on the IMS T800

72-TCH-027-01 - Lies Damned Lies and Benchmarks

72-TCH-028-01 - Occam Input and Output Procedures for the TDS

72-TCH-029-02 - Dual Inline Transputer Modules (TRAMs)

72-TCH-031-01 - Configuring Occam Programs

72-TCH-032-00 - Security Aspects of occam 2

72-TCH-036-01 - A Transputer Based Multi-user Flight Simulator

72-TCH-037-00 - High Performance Graphics With the IMS T800

72-TCH-038-00 - Implementing Data Structures and Recursion in occam

72-TCH-046-00 - A Transputer Based Distributed Graphics Display

72-TCH-049-00 - Module and Motherboard Architecture

72-TCH-050-00 - Using the IMS M212 With the MS-DOS Operating System

72-TCH-051-00 - Simpler Real-Time Programming with the Transputer