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[IMG]8-5-S PDP-8 Floating Point System Programming Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 8.1M 
[IMG]420103841 Technical Manual NS11L Memory Card Assembly.tif2012-06-07 10:57 76M 
[IMG]A-MN-MX10-C-MAN1 MX10 and MX10-C Multiplexor.tif2012-06-07 10:57 36M 
[IMG]AA-0196C-TK decsystem10-20 ALGOL Programmer's Guide.tif2012-06-07 10:57 9.3M 
[IMG]AA-0944E-TB decsystem10 FORTRAN Programmer's Reference Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 133M 
[IMG]AA-1101D-TC Scientific Subroutines Programmer's Reference Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 54M 
[IMG]AA-4949A-TC VT55 Programming Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 15M 
[IMG]AA-5104A-TB decsystem10 Operator's Guide (KL Series).tif2012-06-07 10:57 28M 
[IMG]AA-C984C-TC Laboratory Subroutines Programmer's Reference Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 49M 
[IMG]AA-C985A-TE VAX-11 COBOL-74 Language Reference Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 22M 
[IMG]AA-C986A-TE VAX-11 COBOL-74 User's Guide.tif2012-06-07 10:57 36M 
[IMG]AA-D015B-TE VAX-VMS Release Notes.tif2012-06-07 10:57 7.6M 
[IMG]ALGOL 60 Programming on the DECSystem 10.tif2012-06-07 10:57 7.3M 
[IMG]AZ-GLBAA-MN MicroVAX II 630QB Technical Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 9.4M 
[IMG]AZ-GLCAA-MN MicroVAX II 630QB Owner's Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 15M 
[IMG]D-09-30 PDP11-40 Processor Handbook.tif2012-06-07 10:57 33M 
[IMG]DEC-00-0VT5A-A-D VT50 Video Terminal Programmer's Guide.tif2012-06-07 10:57 9.2M 
[IMG]DEC-08-AJAB-D PDP-8-I FOCAL Programming Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 34M 
[IMG]DEC-08-ASAB-D PAL III Symbolic Assembler Programming Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 7.8M 
[IMG]DEC-08-ESAB-D PDP-8 Symbolic Editor Programming Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 16M 
[IMG]DEC-08-FFAA-D PDP-8 Program Library Math Routines.tif2012-06-07 10:57 19M 
[IMG]DEC-08-LBAA-D Binary Loader.tif2012-06-07 10:57 1.8M 
[IMG]DEC-08-LHAA-D Help Loader.tif2012-06-07 10:57 951K 
[IMG]DEC-08-LRAA-D Read-In-Mode Loader.tif2012-06-07 10:57 808K 
[IMG]DEC-08-NAAA-D Application Notes.tif2012-06-07 10:57 4.9M 
[IMG]DEC-9L-H2AA-D PC09C High Speed Paper Tape Reader and Punch Maintenance Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 30M 
[IMG]DEC-10-12AA-D BA10 Hard Copy Control.tif2012-06-07 10:57 31M 
[IMG]DEC-10-AFDO-D decsystem10 FORTRAN IV Programmer's Reference Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 9.4M 
[IMG]DEC-10-H4GA-D PDP-10 TU30 Tape Transport Maintenance Manual Volume 1 Logic Package.tif2012-06-07 10:57 6.2M 
[IMG]DEC-10-H5EC-D(1) PDP-10 RP10 Disk Pack Synchronizer Maintenance Manual Volume 1.tif2012-06-07 10:57 11M 
[IMG]DEC-10-HDFC-D DF10 Data Channel.tif2012-06-07 10:57 9.7M 
[IMG]DEC-10-HIAA-D MA10 Core Memory Maintenance Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 30M 
[IMG]DEC-10-HIFB-D PDP-10 Interface Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 27M 
[IMG]DEC-10-HMAA-D PDP-10 KA10 Central Processor Maintenance Manual Volume I.tif2012-06-07 10:57 40M 
[IMG]DEC-10-I3AA-D TD10 DECtape Control Maintenance Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 16M 
[IMG]DEC-10-I4AA-D TM10 Magnetic Tape Control Maintenance Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 6.9M 
[IMG]DEC-10-I5AA-D RC10 Disk Synchronizer-Adapter Instruction Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 15M 
[IMG]DEC-10-IACA-D DA10 PDP-8 & 9 Interface.tif2012-06-07 10:57 32M 
[IMG]DEC-10-KRZB-D DECsystem10 Mathematical Languages Handbook.tif2012-06-07 10:57 63M 
[IMG]DEC-10-LALMA-B-D decsystem10 ALGOL Programmer's Reference Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 7.7M 
[IMG]DEC-10-NGZB-D decsystem10 User's Handbook Second Edition.tif2012-06-07 10:57 51M 
[IMG]DEC-10-NRZC-D decsystem-10 Assemblly Language Handbook.tif2012-06-07 10:57 98M 
[IMG]DEC-10-OMPBA-C-D decsystem10 Beginner's Guide to Multiprogram Batch.tif2012-06-07 10:57 11M 
[IMG]DEC-10-OTSCA-A-D decsystem10 Getting Started With TOPS-10 Commands.tif2012-06-07 10:57 4.6M 
[IMG]DEC-10-UTECA-A-D decsystem10 Introduction To TECO (Text Editor And Corrector).tif2012-06-07 10:57 2.8M 
[IMG]DEC-10-UTPRA-A-D decsystem10 TECO Text Editor and Corrector Program Programmer's Reference Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 12M 
[IMG]DEC-11-H05AA-B-D PDP-11-05, 11-10 Computer Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 129M 
[IMG]DEC-20-LBMAA-A-D BASIC User's Guide.tif2012-06-07 10:57 13M 
[IMG]DEC-20-LFRMA-D-D Fortran Reference Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 18M 
[IMG]DEC-20-OBOGA-A-D Batch Operator's Guide.tif2012-06-07 10:57 4.9M 
[IMG]DEC-20-OBRMA-A-D Batch Reference Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 5.6M 
[IMG]DEC-20-USTGA-A-D Sort User's Guide.tif2012-06-07 10:57 3.2M 
[IMG]DEC-D8-ASAA-D PDP-8-I PAL-D Disk Assembler.tif2012-06-07 10:57 7.3M 
[IMG]DEC-D8-COCO-D ODT-8.tif2012-06-07 10:57 5.3M 
[IMG]DEC-D8-IDFA-D DF32 Disk File and Control.tif2012-06-07 10:57 27M 
[IMG]DIGITAL-8-10-U-SYM Binary-Coded-Decimal to Binary Conversion Subroutine.tif2012-06-07 10:57 694K 
[IMG]DIGITAL-8-11-U-SYM Double Precision Binary Coded Decimal to Binary.tif2012-06-07 10:57 793K 
[IMG]DIGITAL-8-12-U-SYM Incremental Plotter Subroutine.tif2012-06-07 10:57 1.1M 
[IMG]DIGITAL-8-14-U-SYM Binary to Binary Coded Decimal Conversion.tif2012-06-07 10:57 890K 
[IMG]DIGITAL-8-15-U-SYM Binary-to-Binary-Coded-Decimal Conversion (Four Digit).tif2012-06-07 10:57 716K 
[IMG]DIGITAL-8-19-U-SYM Teletype Output Subroutines.tif2012-06-07 10:57 1.0M 
[IMG]DIGITAL-8-20-U-SYM Character String Typeout.tif2012-06-07 10:57 803K 
[IMG]DIGITAL-8-22-U-SYM Unsigned Decimal Print.tif2012-06-07 10:57 468K 
[IMG]DIGITAL-8-24-U-SYM Unsigned Decimal Point, Single Precision.tif2012-06-07 10:57 1.6M 
[IMG]DIGITAL-8-25-U-SYM Signed DecimalPrint, Double Precision.tif2012-06-07 10:57 2.0M 
[IMG]DIGITAL-8-25-U-SYM Single Precision Decimal-to-Binary Conversion and Input ASR33.tif2012-06-07 10:57 1.3M 
[IMG]EK-0TU78-UG-002 TU78 Magnetic Tape Transport User's Guide.tif2012-06-07 10:57 9.8M 
[IMG]EK-23BMB-UG-001 PDP-11-23B Mounting Box User's Guide.tif2012-06-07 10:57 7.0M 
[IMG]EK-861AB-OP-001 861-A, -B, -C, -D, -E, -F Power Controller User's Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 19M 
[IMG]EK-CI750-TD-PRE CI750 Hardware Technical Description.tif2012-06-07 10:57 30M 
[IMG]EK-DEUNA-UG-001 DEUNA User's Guide.tif2012-06-07 10:57 13M 
[IMG]EK-DL11W-OP-001 DL11-W Serial line Unit & Real-Time Clock Option Operator's Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 41M 
[IMG]EK-DS725-UG-001 VAX-11-725 Diagnostic System Overview Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 6.6M 
[IMG]EK-DZ110-UG-002 DZ11 User's Guide.tif2012-06-07 10:57 23M 
[IMG]EK-FP11A-UG-001 FP11-A Floating Point User's Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 18M 
[IMG]EK-KA730-TD-001 VAX-11-730 Central Processing Unit Technical Description.tif2012-06-07 10:57 23M 
[IMG]EK-LA120-TM-001 LA120 Technical Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 14M 
[IMG]EK-LA180-OP-003 LA180 DECprinter 1.tif2012-06-07 10:57 26M 
[IMG]EK-LSI11-TM-003 LSI-11, PDP-11-03 User's Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 32M 
[IMG]EK-M7850-MM-001 M7850 Parity Controller Maintenance Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 7.8M 
[IMG]EK-MS11E-MM-001 MS11-E-J MOS Memory Maintenance Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 4.9M 
[IMG]EK-MS11L-TM-001 MS11-L MOS Memory Technical Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 15M 
[IMG]EK-MS11M-UG-001 MS11-M MOS Memory User Guide.tif2012-06-07 10:57 6.8M 
[IMG]EK-MSV0P-UG-001 MSV11-P User Guide.tif2012-06-07 10:57 3.3M 
[IMG]EK-ORX33-IP-001 RX33 Flexible Disk Drive.tif2012-06-07 10:57 4.9M 
[IMG]EK-RK11D-OP-001 RK11-D and RK11-E Moving Head Disk Drive Controller User's Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 7.4M 
[IMG]EK-RL012-UG-004 RL01-RL02 Disk Subsystem User's Guide.tif2012-06-07 10:57 24M 
[IMG]EK-SEDRR-RF-001 Error Detection, Recovery and Reporting Reference Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 4.8M 
[IMG]EK-VT5X-OP-001 DECscope User's Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 4.3M 
[IMG]EK-VT100-TM-002 VT100 Series Technical Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 25M 
[IMG]EK-VT101-UG-002 VT101 Video Terminal User Guide.tif2012-06-07 10:57 10M 
[IMG]EK-VT103-UG-001 VT103 LSI-11 Video Terminal User's Guide.tif2012-06-07 10:57 10M 
[IMG]EK-VT502-PG-001 VT50&VT52 Pocket Service Guide.tif2012-06-07 10:57 4.1M 
[IMG]EY-DX056-SP-002&J6269-A&EY-DX052-SG-002 Small Systems Training PDP-11V23-& 11T23 System Maintenance Student Guide.tif2012-06-07 10:57 19M 
[IMG]F-85 Change Notice 4 - PDP-8 User's Handbook.tif2012-06-07 10:57 1.9M 
[IMG]H-TU55 DECtape Transport TU55 Instruction Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 4.1M 
[IMG]LSI ADM-3A Maintenance Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 36M 
[IMG]MAINDEC-08-D5BB-D DF32 Discless Logic Test, MiniDisc.tif2012-06-07 10:57 5.9M 
[IMG]MAINDEC-08-D5DB-D DF32 Multi Disk.tif2012-06-07 10:57 2.9M 
[IMG]NS11-04-34 Installation Guide.tif2012-06-07 10:57 35M 
[IMG]NSC-MS-502 Model NS23P Add-In Memory System Service Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 36M 
[IMG]NSC-MS-503 Model NS 11-04-34Q Add-In Memory System Service Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 77M 
[IMG]PDP-11-45 PDP 11-45 Maintenance Reference Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 6.1M 
[IMG]University of Queensland Computer Centre Information Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 14M 
[IMG]Visual 100 Reference Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 6.5M 
[IMG]Visual 102 Reference Manual.tif2012-06-07 10:57 13M